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Meghla Akter

Admin Manager

Meghla Akter works as the Admin Manager at Zone Sparks Limited, where she ensures the company runs smoothly every day. She pays close attention to detail and has great organizational skills, which help her manage important tasks for the platform. She makes sure everything runs well and also works closely with different teams, like customer support, IT, marketing, management, finance, and digital marketing, to make processes smoother and improve efficiency overall. She is committed to keeping the platform running smoothly and following all the rules and regulations. Her role as Admin Manager is crucial for maintaining high standards at Zone Sparks Limited, which helps the company succeed in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

Career Milestones

Admin and Finance

Muslin International Limited

Meghla Akter made significant contributions to Muslin International Limited as an Admin and Finance professional. During her tenure, she displayed unwavering dedication and commitment to her role, effectively managing administrative tasks and financial operations with precision. Her diligent work ethic and attention to detail ensured the smooth functioning of the company's administrative and financial processes. Her role played a crucial part in maintaining the company's operational efficiency and financial integrity. Her exemplary performance at Muslin International Limited laid a solid foundation for her continued success and growth in her career more

Former Marketing Officer

Alternative Recruitment Limited

Meghla Akter proved her remarkable talents and dedication as a Marketing Officer in a multinational corporation. Her hard effort and dedication allowed her to exceed expectations and contribute significantly to the company's marketing goals. Her proactive attitude and strategic mindset were vital in operating marketing initiatives and achieving positive results. Her ability to effectively communicate and interact with team members ensured that efforts were coordinated to fulfill organizational more

Former Tender Executive

Al-Madina Group

Meghla Akter commenced her professional journey at the esteemed organization, Al-Madina Group, where she served as a Tender Executive in the Tender department. Throughout her tenure, she exhibited remarkable dedication and diligence, actively engaging in various tender processes, including e-GP and manual tenders. She meticulously handled all documentation tasks and adeptly managed the tender submission process, showcasing her attention to detail and organizational skills. Her tenure at Al-Madina Group provided her with invaluable experience and insights into tendering procedures, further honing her expertise in this domain. Her contributions and proficiency in managing tender operations significantly contributed to the success and efficiency of the organization's tender more

Educational Qualifications

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

IUBAT-International University of Business, Agriculture, and Technology

Meghla Akter earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Human Resource Management from IUBAT-International University of Business, Agriculture, and Technology. During her MBA studies, she focused on HR management and learned more about topics like organizational behavior, strategic management, and employee relations. Throughout her time pursuing her MBA, she showed outstanding leadership skills, critical thinking abilities, and a strong grasp of human resource practices. Her MBA degree not only helped her gain more knowledge and skills but also prepared her well for a successful career in HR management. more

Business Administration (BBA)

IUBAT-International University of Business, Agriculture, and Technology

Meghla Akter pursued her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in Finance and Banking from IUBAT-International University of Business, Agriculture, and Technology. During her BBA studies, Meghla gained a deep understanding of financial management, banking operations, and business administration. Her coursework in the BBA program equipped her with practical skills and knowledge essential for a career in the finance industry. Her dedication to her studies and her exemplary performance in the BBA program demonstrated her academic prowess and commitment to more

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC)

Milestone College

Meghla Akter continued her academic journey by obtaining her Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) from Milestone College. During her time at Milestone College, she delved deeper into her studies, specializing in subjects related to commerce and business studies. Her HSC education provided her with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, economics, and commerce, further shaping her academic interests and aspirations. Her dedication and hard work during her HSC studies contributed to her stellar academic performance and prepared her for higher more

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Nakhalpara Hossain Ali High School

Meghla Akter's academic path began with the fulfillment of her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) at Nakhalpara Hossain Ali High School. During her tenure in Nakhalpara Hossain Ali High School, she gained foundational knowledge in a variety of topics, laying the groundwork for her future academic endeavors. Her remarkable achievement in the SSC examinations reflected her dedication to her academics and her desire for excellence. Her accomplishments in the SSC program provided a solid foundation for her educational aspirations and laid the foundation for her future academic success. more

Awards & Achievements

Meghla Akter's leadership abilities were acknowledged during her time at college, where she served as Sergeant Captain, demonstrating her capacity to lead and motivate others. Furthermore, her efforts in the academic community were recognized with multiple certificates for organizing, participating in, and choreographing various programs and seminars. Her commitment to both academic and extracurricular activities demonstrates her drive for excellence and proactive attitude toward contributing to the university's lively more