About Us

Muslin International Limited is your trusted global trade partner, providing import, export, trading, and manufacturing solutions. We give seamless and reliable services that meet your needs.

Who We Are

Muslin International Limited: Your trusted partner for global trade, renowned for integrity, reliability, and innovative solutions.

Leaders at Muslin International

Muslin International Limited's Board of Directors, led by our respected Chairman, Mr. Kausar Ahmed, and Managing Director, Mr. Monir Munshi, combine excellent knowledge and vision to direct our company toward continuing success in global trade and business excellence.

Our Dedicated Employees

Our success is driven by our talented and devoted employees, who constantly go above and beyond to achieve the highest levels of service and excellence in everything we do. Their dedication and enthusiasm are the foundations of our company's growth and success.

Our Mission

Our mission at Muslin International Limited is to provide convenient, efficient, and cost-effective import and export solutions, specializing in medical equipment, garments accessories, fabrics, electronics, and more. We empower businesses with quality customer service, fostering economic growth in Bangladesh and setting global standards for excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision at Muslin International Limited is to deliver highly efficient products and services to our valued customers, creating a seamless and simplified experience in business transactions. We aim to provide the best service every day, focusing on simplicity, collaboration, and making significant contributions to the industry.

Our Moto

Our business believes are trust, commitment, and reliable relationship to do fair trade.

Our Roots

Founded in 2021, Muslin International Limited emerged from its partner company, Cotton Muslin International, established in 2015. Initially focused on imports and trading, the company moved into clothing manufacturing in 2016 and began offering air and sea freight services in 2017. Today, it is a top provider of industrial machinery, garment accessories, and fish feed production equipment, with aspirations to expand into agriculture and construct chain superstores, which will encourage commercial growth in Bangladesh as well as internationally.

Company Profile

Learn the attributes and functionalities of Muslin International Limited by reading our detailed company profile.

Company History

Learn about the rich history of Muslin International Limited, which has been distinguished by expansion, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Cotton Cosmic Industries Limited

Founded in 2015

This garment manufacturing unit contributed to the company's expansion and diversification.

Cotton Muslin International

Established in 2016

This partner company laid the groundwork for Muslin International Limited's journey into import and trading.

Muslin International Limited

Formally established in 2021

Building upon the success of its predecessors, Muslin International Limited ventured into a wider array of import, export, and trading activities.

Zone Sparks Limited

Established in 2023

The latest addition to the company's portfolio, Zone Sparks Limited, an e-commerce platform, was established on November 15, 2023, further expanding its reach and services.

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