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Monir Munshi

Managing Director

Mr. Monir Munshi, Zone Sparks Limited's Managing Director, leads the e-commerce company to amazing success with an innovative approach. His strategic strategy influences the platform, focusing on customer convenience and development. He efficiently navigates the ever-changing e-commerce industry and effectively leads the company through problems. The formation of Zone Sparks Limited highlights his unwavering dedication to new solutions in global commerce, with a varied product line aimed at the interests of the international market. Focused on staying ahead of trends, he keeps Zone Sparks Limited at the forefront of e-commerce, establishing it as a powerful participant in the online marketplace. Beyond local markets, Mr. Munshi adds to the global commerce landscape by emphasizing excellence and establishing high customer service standards. To summarize, Zone Sparks Limited illustrates Mr. Munshi's remarkable leadership, adaptability, and quest for perfection, exhibiting his entrepreneurial aptitude in serving the different needs of the global more

Career Milestones

Managing Director

Muslin International Limited

Mr. Monir Munshi is the Managing Director of Muslin International Limited, registered as a Private Limited Company in 2021, which emerged as a pivotal point in his career trajectory. Serving as the sister concern to Cotton Muslin International, this company focused on import and export, garments manufacturing, and trading-related business. Operating on a global scale, Muslin International Limited engaged in diverse imports from countries worldwide, distributing a wide array of goods to customers. The company's product range spanned fabrics, garments accessories, electrical goods, car and mobile accessories, tiles, cycles, computers, medical equipment, spare parts, and heavy machinery. Alongside trading in agriculture machinery and related products, Muslin International Limited established itself as a prominent player in the global business arena. The company located in Gazipur, Bangladesh, operated on a vast land area of 364 decimal, while its corporate office in Uttara, Dhaka, became a hub for managing operations. With strategic planning for expansion into the agriculture sector, including agro-based food production and chain superstore outlets across Bangladesh. The success of Muslin International Limited reflects Mr. Monir Munshi's dynamic leadership and commitment to excellence in the global trade landscape. more


Cotton Muslin International

Mr. Monir Munshi is the Owner Cotton Muslin International, established in 2015, marked a significant milestone in Mr. Monir Munshi's career journey. The Cotton Muslin International was originally launched as an importer of various goods and service providers. The company expanded its operations to encompass import and trading, initiating Air Shipment and Sea Shipment services alongside other trading ventures. The company's commitment to providing comprehensive services grew, offering various types of product import solutions for local importers in Bangladesh dealing with a diverse range of products from different global regions. With a focus on industrial machinery supply, including fish feed production units, cold press oil machinery, and support for the garment and textile industries in Bangladesh. The company ventured into the agriculture sector, planning fish farming and fish fillet processing for global export, and envisioned the establishment of agriculture-based Chain Superstores in Bangladesh. The Cotton Muslin International also became a key importer of agricultural machinery and livestock cattle farming more

Educational Qualifications

Master of Science in Finance and Accounting

University of Westminster School of Business, London, UK

Mr. Munshi's educational journey reached its zenith with the completion of his Post Graduation degree program in Finance and Accounting from the University of Westminster School of Business in London, UK. This advanced degree not only deepened his expertise in financial management but also provided a comprehensive understanding of business strategies at a global level. The Post-Graduation from a prestigious institution like the University of Westminster in United Kingdom equipped him with the skills and insights necessary for leadership roles in the dynamic and competitive business more

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Southern Adventist University, Tennessee, USA

Building on his academic foundation, Mr. Monir Munshi pursued his Bachelor of Business Administration degree program with major in Accounting (School of Business department) at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee, USA. This phase of his education not only refined his understanding of business principles but also showed him a global perspective, enriching his knowledge and preparing him for the challenges of the corporate world. This undergraduate degree laid the groundwork for his future leadership roles in the business more

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC)

Bhawal Badre Alam Government College

Moving forward in his educational pursuits, Mr. Monir Munshi achieved his Higher Secondary School Certificate from Bhawal Badre Alam Government College. This crucial phase not only marked an academic milestone but also provided him with a broader perspective on various subjects, shaping his intellectual curiosity and setting the stage for higher studies. The diverse learning environment at Bhawal Badre Alam Government College in Bangladesh contributed significant value add to his holistic educational more

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Missionary School

Mr. Monir Munshi embarked on his academic journey by completing his primary education from a prestigious Missionary School. This foundational stage of education not only equipped him with essential knowledge but also instilled in him the discipline and dedication that would later become defining attributes of his academic and professional endeavors. His formative years at Missionary School laid the groundwork for a successful educational more

Awards & Achievements

Distinction of Excellence

University of Westminster School of Business, London, UK

A notable achievement in Mr. Monir Munshi's academic journey is the distinction he earned during his pursuit of post-graduation master project in University of Westminster in London, UK. His outstanding performance in the program, marked by a dedication to academic excellence and a deep understanding of international fund management with finance and accounting knowledge, led to the prestigious recognition of achieving distinction in post-graduation in master project. This accomplishment not only reflects Mr. Munshi's commitment to scholarly pursuits but also underscores his capability to excel in a challenging and competitive academic environment. His achievement of academic distinction serves as a testament to his academic achievement and positions him as a standout individual in the realm of business more