Our business communities are in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, and other countries relations to whole over Bangladesh. We have trading business with product sourcing, and import order from various customers in Bangladesh. In accordance with their requirements, we are doing product purchase from China, India, Taiwan, Japan, UK, USA, and some other European Countries. We are always concern about our customers and our products with services. We do not compromise at our quality of products and services. Every client is same to us, and everyone is special to us and we provide services to all at special care.


The Muslin International Limited provides Sea shipment service from China to Bangladesh. You will get the following sea shipment service from our company, and the shipment time duration is 30 to 35 days after receiving customers goods in our China warehouse.

Full Container Load (FCL)

In shipping, FCL means Full Container Load. Unlike LCL shipping, FCL means that you have the entire container’s space to yourself and will not be sharing your container with other shippers. This, however, does not mean that you need to fill the entire container. With FCL shipping, you may fill the container only partially, which is a fairly common practice in the ocean freight industry.

LC Facilities

The Muslin International Limited offer LC opening facilities to some special customers those who have not have their IRC to import their goods from various countries all over the world.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

In ocean freight, LCL shipping stands for- Less than Container Load or groupage. When choosing LCL shipping, be it for an import or export, your cargo is consolidated with other shippers’ goods to fill a container. The LCL shipping rate is determined by volume and weight and you are charged only for the space the cargo occupies in the container. When you book your LCL shipment, make sure to calculate your LCL volume as you will need to provide this to your freight forwarder to obtain an LCL shipping quote.


Air freight is a safe and efficient way for immediate transportation. We have two air shipments from China to Bangladesh in a week. It is Monday and Thursday. We deliver goods of air shipments within 5/7/10 days after shipment from China. We have high capacity to take a large amount of goods in a single shipment. Only we provide the best service in air shipments.


We are door to door/warehouse to warehouse service provider as well in Bangladesh. After receiving goods in our China warehouse, we make both air and sea shipment from China to Bangladesh as customer requirement. After arriving goods to our Bangladesh warehouse, we send them to the destination of the customers if they want on the other hand customer can receive their goods from our Bangladesh warehouse in Uttara. 


The Muslin International Limited provide smooth services to our Garments and textile manufacturers by supporting their various types of industries machinery import, spare parts import and garments accessories import, building construction materials import, fabrics import and so on.