Code of Conduct

Our code of business ethics is achieving our goals and services in the right way.

Our code of ethics provides correct information to our suppliers, our business partners and to our employees about our reliable relations, trust and commitment to all of our suppliers, customers, and our partner organizations that we are doing the things are right.

We always practice fair trade and sound judgment with compliance management system, and we never retaliate against anyone for raising ethical concerns to all of our activities. The company will fully support employees who make honest, good faith reports, and the company will fully investigate any suspected violations and all employees are expected to cooperate and to provide complete and truthful information in connection with any investigation. If the investigation reveals that an employee acted inconsistently with the Code, other policies, or the law, the employee will be disciplined appropriately, up to and including termination of employment or service and where warranted potential legal action as well.

We value collaboration and engage in proper transactions with business partners around the world. We only work with suppliers, business partners and other third parties who operate ethically. All suppliers and business partners are expected to exhibit high ethical standards and to support sustainable business practices. We diligently follow all international trade laws. Our employees and business partners involved in cross-border business are expected to comply with all trade, and also expected to properly document all products, materials and technology imported or exported to ensure compliance with customs and import/export laws and regulations.

We maintain a respectful work environment. Every employee is responsible for assuring that the workplace is free from inappropriate conduct and harassment. We are committed to equal employment and advancement opportunity without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status and any other classification protected by applicable law.

We win customers based on our products or services and do not disparage our competitors or solicit or use non-public information from our competitors. We comply with all relevant antitrust and fair competition laws in all jurisdictions in which we do business. We never agree with competitors to set prices, limit production, divide markets or bids or make any other agreements to limit competition. As a rule of thumb, do not discuss prices, clients, product plans or other confidential information with any competitors. Our employees working with distributors, local importers and other business partners.

We treat customers fairly and with respect. Our employees must maintain customer confidence and safeguard all customer data and information. Our employees, suppliers and business partners, are not permitted to share customer information outside of the company and may only access customer information as needed for legitimate business purposes and only as permitted by law. We are committed to human rights and a healthy environment. We provide fair working conditions and do not engage in forced or child labor. We expect our suppliers and business partners to do the same. We are committed to compliance with all applicable environmental and health and safety laws.