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Mr. Kausar Ahmed, Chairman of Muslin International Limited. He completed his M. Com degree from Bhawal Govt. University College in Gazipur, later on he started his career in Redfury (BD) Limited in 2008 as Marketing Manager, and worked there for six years. Afterwards, in 2013 he joined at Lithy Group as a General Manager in the Embroidery Section, and 2016 he left the job and fully gave attention in his own business Holy Care Diagnostic center and Holy Care Pharmacy, and at the same time he has been working with Cotton Muslin International as Partner. The Board of Directors of this Muslin International Limited has more than 15 years of professional experiences in these import, export, international trading and distribution sectors


Massage from The Chairman:

“I am delighted to welcome you to Muslin International Limited a company in leading position that has achieved customers’ trusts by providing superior customer service and fulfilled customers’ needs, wants, and demands. The Muslin International Limited recognizes that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic around the world has left many in unpredictable and difficult situations. Our thoughts are with each of you, and we hope this message finds you, your family, and your friends in good health. I want you to know that during this challenging time, we are committed to our mission of supporting job in Bangladesh and China through imports and export. The Muslin International Limited will continue to do everything we can do to support our Bangladeshi and foreign businesses and our workers as well. The company’s workforce stands ready to serve you as you are our reliable customers. In response to the current situation, we will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation, as we take our responsibility to support and protect our customers, colleagues, and our business peoples in Bangladesh very seriously.”

As the Chairman, my goal is to lead this company by upholding the values it has cherished in the past and by infusing new techniques available so that our customers continue to receive unparalleled import base services of a world class standard. I thank our loyal customers and re-affirm my commitment to service excellence, and look forward to your continue support in the future too. We will continue to give emphasis to providing cost effective services with the utmost reliability, maintaining our position as one of the most competent and reliable service providers. My team of professionals and I believe in as it is said “we love to deliver” and will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share our expertise with you so that each experience with transcontinental services will indeed exceed your expectations.”