The Muslin International Limited in Bangladesh is the Private Limited Company registered with RJSC in 2021, and it has partner company named by Cotton Muslin International which was established in 2015, and we started our business as an importer of various goods and service provider in the name of Cotton Muslin International. In later we have started our import and trading business in the name of Cotton Muslin International in 2017, and Muslin International Limited in 2021. At the time of our journey, we started our business as a trader, exporter and importer, and we started Air Shipment and Sea Shipment with other trading businesses in the name of Muslin International Limited. The company has started to provide Door to Door and warehouse to warehouse services for importers in Bangladesh who imports different types of goods from China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and some other European countries. We are also the supplier of industrial machineries in fish feed production unit, cold press oil machinery, and garments Textile industries in Bangladesh. We are the importer of all kinds of garments accessories, garment & textile machinery spare parts, medical equipment, fish feed production machinery supplier etc. The company will start business in agriculture sector like fish farming and fish fillet processing industry to export fish fillet in various countries all over the world, and we are planning to establish agriculture-based Chain Superstore in Bangladesh as well. We have our own distribution channel and agriculture production unit to operate this business in Bangladesh. We are the importer of all kinds of agricultural machinery and livestock cattle farming equipment as well.