Our History

The Muslin International Limited is a Private Limited Company and it has sister concern company named by Cotton Muslin International to carry out Import and Export with garments manufacturing and trading related business. We do import from various countries around the world and distribute them to our customers. Our imported goods like fabrics, garments accessories, electrical goods, industrial machinery, car accessories, mobile accessories, tiles, cycle, computer, computer accessories, medical equipment, spare parts, heavy machinery old and new, and so on, we do trade of agriculture machinery and other agriculture related products business. The company Cotton Muslin International started operation in 2015 by fabrics selling outlet and fabric distribution, and in 2017 the company started import business, but the Muslin International Limited started its operation on 2021. The company’s factory location is Gazipur-1740 with the total land area of 264 decimal which is our own property, and its Corporate Office is located at Uttara-1230, Dhaka- Bangladesh. We do have warehouse and office in China as well, and our Bangladesh warehouse located in Uttara- Jashimuddin Avenue. We are planning to drive in agriculture sector as well by opening agro base food production and its chain superstore outlet around in Bangladesh. The Muslin International Limited has overseas business in the field of export and import area with various ranges of products and services including agriculture and garments sector too. The Cotton Muslin International is the part of Muslin International Limited, we do have business in UK as well and USA with some other European countries. The Muslin International Limited is a multinational company based in China and Bangladesh. It operates business in Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, UK, USA, and some other European countries.